Yoga a mindful movement practice

  • Private Yoga Lessons - 60 minutes $50.  On location, 60 minutes - $90

  • Semi-Private Yoga session - 60 minutes, 2 students $60, 3 students $70

  • Restorative Yoga and Reiki, private Studio or Zoom - 60 minutes $80 

  • Yoga Therapeutics - 3, 60 minute sessions, 1 student $140, 2 students $150, 3 students $160

  • Full Moon monthly workshop and Yoga class on Zoom - $11

  • New Moon monthly workshop and Yoga class on Zoom - $11

  • Chakra Yoga Program - 10 Saturday's 9:00 AM EST, September 11 to November 13 - $130

  • Mindful Monday's - 10 week course, 11/1/21-1/3/22 4:00 PM EST - $130

Chakra Yoga Program 10, 60 minute classes on Zoom  - $130

September 11 to November 13, Saturday's 9:00 AM EST live on Zoom (recorded for your convenience).

Exploring the wisdom of the Seven Chakras to improve your understanding of the energy centers within you.

The Hatha Yoga perspective says the chakras must be balanced and functioning properly to maintain optimal physical and mental health. Therefore, engaging in a practice via the Chakra System, supports spiritual growth and can provide clarity to align to dharma, your soul's purpose. Moving the spine through various yoga postures is believed to increase the energy flow.

Each week learn in a workshop style class. When you pay attention to what each Chakra relates to, and work to bring yourself into balance, you'll find a sense of wholeness and completeness that leaves you feeling put together. Understanding the chakras helps us to understand the full spectrum of our basic needs. 

Week 1: Overview

Week 2: Root Chakra

Week 3: Sacral Chakra

Week 4: Solar Plexus Chakra  

Week 5: Heart Chakra

Week 6: Throat Chakra

Week 7: Third Eye Chakra

Week 8: Crown Chakra

Week 9: Review

Week 10: Bonus

Working with the Magic of the Moon

To sign up use: Book Online to register for one class and the date changes depending upon the lunation of the Moon.

Plans & Pricing to sign up for the month or a year Moonology membership, includes both the New Moon and Full Moon monthly classes and a birthday reading. If you can not attend live you can still benefit from the recording; which will be sent to you after the class. I love this work and look forward to sharing it with you.

Note: participants are recommended to have a yoga mat, chair, ottoman or wall space, 3 pillows, 2 blankets, and 2 blocks or firm pillows. Suggestive supplies: journal paper and pen, water. 

New Moon workshop and Restorative Yoga - Scheduled monthly depending on the actual day of the New Moon.

The New Moon phase is when you should make time for yourself. Awaken and align your energy with this Yoga practice and plant the seeds of your future dreams. The New Moon is in a different zodiac sign each month. In this workshop/class explore meditation, journaling and Restorative Yoga. $11

  • Wednesday October 6 - New Moon in Libra - available in the Video Library

  • Thursday November 4, 6:00 PM EST - New Moon in Scorpio

  • Saturday December 4, 10:00 AM EST - Super New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius


Full Moon is the high point of the lunar cycle. It is a very powerful time for inner work. Full Moon forgiveness and gratitude practices with Restorative Yoga integrate your beautiful energy. The Full Moon takes place in a different sign of the zodiac each month. Workshop of meditation, journaling and Restorative Yoga. $11

  • Wednesday October 20, 3:00 PM EST - Full Moon in Aries

  • Friday November 19, 10:00 AM EST - Full Moon in Taurus

  • Saturday December 18, 3:00 PM EST - Full Moon in Gemini


Restorative Yoga is a deep relaxation healing practice. To assist the body to release tension by using the support of props. To be completely comfortable to fully relax into a Yoga Pose for several minutes to restore balance and harmony. This practice is so good for you! Petra offers this Yoga practice twice a month in the Astrology Workshops, "Working With the Magic of the Moon".

Mindful Monday's  10 week program, 60 minutes on Zoom - $130

November 1, 2021 to January 3, 2022 on Monday's 4:00 PM EST live on Zoom (recorded for your convenience).

Rejuvenate your body and mind through the holiday season. We will  relax and de-stress with joy and ease. Each session offers a refreshing outlook as we explore a new theme each week. If you can't make it in live, no worries, you will receive the recordings to review later. Breath, relax and lets enjoy the holidays with self care and self love.

  • Mindful Slow Flow Yoga to release tension and stress

  • Restorative Yoga to calm your body and restore energy

  • Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to clear your mind and release stored physical, emotional, and mental tension

  • Metta Meditation to reconnect to yourself and the world around you.

Note: participants are recommended to have a yoga mat, water, journal paper and pen, chair, ottoman or wall space, 3 pillows, 2 blankets, and 2 blocks or firm pillows for class. 

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Enjoy a customized private restorative Yoga lesson in Studio or Zoom. With the use of bolsters, pillows and blankets

you will fully release into the support of the props. Also enjoying the healing benefits of Reiki.

60 minutes $80, *(3, 45 minute sessions - special package $180)

Private Lessons 

Private Yoga builds self-care tools to benefit students uniqueness. By designing a customized practice for your lifestyle and wellness goals. In a private setting we get to create the space to help you transform your body and practice. Having private lessons allows you to set specific personal goals whether that be for flexibility, strength, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation or stress reduction. As your private yoga teacher, the practice will be adapted to your self-care goals and expectations. Newer students might feel overwhelmed in a typical yoga class. It can seem difficult to keep up and personal flexibility might require a little work before it becomes easier to get into different poses. If you're already a consistent practitioner, private yoga sessions can be beneficial if you're interested in taking your practice to the next level. 

Studio or Zoom 60 minutes $50. Semi-Private: 2 students $60, 3 students $70

 Yoga Therapeutics Program

Package of 3, 60 minute lessons $140

Semi-Private: 2 students $150, 3 students $160

Yoga Therapeutics a private three week program, focuses: 

Week One ~ Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands

Week Two ~ Back

Week three ~ Legs and Feet

After completing this introductory series, many students continue regularly scheduled private Yoga lessons.

Option to enroll online Yoga courses and classes. 

Kripalu is a gentle yoga practice with a compassionate approach. It places an emphasis on meditation, physical healing and spiritual transformation that overflows from the yoga mat into daily life.  Kripalu is gentle Yoga that emphasizes moving at your own pace, self-acceptance and adaptability. It is ideal for people facing life challenges. Yoga increases strength and flexibility, improves circulation, breathing and digestion.  Because of the deep relaxation there is reduced muscle tension and risk of injury.

How do I prepare for my first private Yoga lesson? 

You will need to set up a yoga space and position your computer. Having props isn't required, but they are a great way to deepen your practice. Some props might include a yoga mat, strap, yoga blocks, bolsters, pillows and blankets. Many things around the house can be substituted as props. Zoom gives the student the convenience of being home. 

How often should I do yoga? 

The more you practice, you'll notice the benefits of yoga. I recommend you practice yoga 2 - 4 times per week.  
How long is a private yoga lesson? 
Private yoga lessons are usually 1 hour long. Sessions can be longer or shorter to accommodate students schedule.


Summer Outdoor Yoga

Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend - 2022 (details TBA)

Practicing slow flowing gentle Kripalu Yoga outdoors combines exercise, releasing natural mood boosters (endorphins) and the natural world. These two work incredibly well together, improving your sense of self. From feeling more confident and happier to carefree and open, outdoors Yoga benefits your mental health.

When Spring has sprung, so it’s time to get your as*-ana outside! Spending time in nature is known to have profound effects on our physical and mental well-being. Combine that with your yoga practice and you have yourself a yogi euphoria.

1. You can ‘look up to the sky’…literally - Yoga teachers in class often cue students to, “reach your hands down to the earth,” or to “turn your gaze up to the sky,” while practicing at an indoors studio. However, when we take our practice outside, these cues become more than just figurative language. 

2. The Added Benefits of Earthing - Walking barefoot is good for your feet because it allows the many, many muscles and joints in your feet, ankles, and toes to work in a way that they don’t normally do while constricted in shoes. Even indoor yoga helps with this because we practice yoga barefoot anyways. Let’s take it to the next level and practice barefoot outside. Earthing (also known as grounding) is the scientific concept of receiving the Earth’s surface electrons through the physical connection between skin and the ground. Talk about energy. The reconnecting our bodies with the earth has many benefits including reduced pain and better sleep due to the effect that this energy has on our hormone levels (like the stress hormone cortisol) and free radical oxidation. 

3. Get Inspired - Many yoga poses gained their names from plants and animals. Practicing yoga outside allows the yogi to embody the sense of the pose while actually looking at what inspired that pose. For example, harness the stability and strength of a tree while you stand grounded in Vrksasana (Tree pose). Take flight into Kakasana (Crow pose) and feel like the birds flying above you.

4. Be More Present - Being surrounded by nature awakens our senses. Our eyes can see long distances and natural colors, instead of the tiny, blue-light screen of our phones that our eyes are so often glued to. Our ears can pick up birds chirping in the distance and the breeze blowing around us. Our skin absorbs the warmth of the sunshine’s natural heat waves. With these senses awakened, we can be more present in life in each moment with no distractions. Spending time outside also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. With lower levels of stress, we can ease into a deeper state of relaxation and enjoy the present moment.

5. Dose of Vitamin D - Sit your body under some sunshine. It is very common for Vitamin D levels to decrease during the winter months, so now that the sun’s out, you get the all-natural source for the essential Vitamin D. 

Please contact Petra directly with questions. You must register for Yoga to get the meeting area. Registration for classes: Book Online (when the times is closer). Please bring your own equipment: Yoga mat, beach towel for under the mat (grass can be dewy), props, water. Enjoy the beautiful Pittsford Recreation Park by adding a hike in the Pittsford trails or a refreshing swim. This class is not recorded.* Petra is available for on-location private group class or retreats.

Vipassana Walking Meditation

Walking and becoming aware of each movement is a meditation; relieving tension and calming the mind.  This technique is based on the awareness of the feet touching the ground. 

Instructions (15 minutes walking indoors or outside)  - Walk slowly with your awareness focused on your feet as they touch the ground.  Keep your eyes lowered to the ground, so that you can see only a few steps ahead.  If you like, place your hands on your heart center.  While walking pay attention to the contact of each foot as it touches the ground.  As you walk in slow motion you can say, "Right" when the right foot touches the ground, and say "Left" when the left foot touches the ground.  If other things arise, notice what else takes your attention, and then return to your feet.

How to meditate

Begin each day with a simple 5 minute meditation practice.

At the earliest possible time in your day:

  • remain completely still and quiet once the seat is chosen

  • allow for insights to arise — shifting results in avoidance of what comes up

  • watch the breath by focusing on a spot — perhaps the tip of the nose, or the back of the throat and feel the breath move in and out. Keep the focus only on the breath and let everything else fall away

  • Surrender, meditation will be full of everyday distractions

  • Keep a daily meditation journal. 

  • Date, time & duration of your meditation

  • How you felt before & after the meditation

  • What was easy or hard about the meditation

  • What you will take from the meditation practice into your day

May you be happy, may you be healthy,

May you be safe, may you be strong,

May you flow through life with joy and ease.

Pebble Beach