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Long Distance Healing

45 minutes $60

3, 45 minute session $165

An energetic connection with you that can facilitate your physical healing on many levels. We have a meditative conversation with parts of your physical body that are in need of my therapeutic skills. I will help you tune in and figure out how to calm your nervous system. Techniques that are effective and simple to convey to you. To help you return to thinking more clearly and creatively when circumstances are challenging and stressful.

I completed an intensive course study through Healing From the Core in May 2020 (Distance) and in June 2021 (In person) that enables me to be of therapeutic assistance to you. I completed in June 2022 a two year mentoring program supported by community monthly meeting trainings. 
This is a healing modality that can be beneficial in between other bodywork sessions to focus on your wellness goals.

The Craniosacral Instructors that were my teachers Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D and Lori Chinitz, PT, CST-D, have been using this method, and their gifts and skills quite successfully for over three decades.
They have provided me with exact steps and some amazing tools for connecting with you for issues having to do with all aspects of your health.

you can train yourself

to breathe, walk and sit

in such a way that you

can get connected with

the stars, the trees,

the air, the sunshine

~ thich nhat hanh
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