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Monthly Memo

Dear Friends,


February's focus is the "Heart" physically, emotionally and spiritually ~ American Heart Month.  How to move safely in your body, the foods that best nourish your body, the Heart Chakra, and the Yama in February is Satya meaning Truthfulness. If you need a copy of the book we are working with this year 'The Yamas & Niyamas Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice' by Deborah Adele.


Do you know how to keep your heart healthy? You can take an active role in reducing your risk for heart disease by eating a healthy diet, engaging in physical activity and reducing stress. Staying active, eating healthy, and watching our weight are all important parts of maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Pick a new heart-healthy habit like walking and substituting sodas with water and try to stick to it for a whole month. American Heart Month is observed to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy heart and to encourage healthy habits that help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Hope this winter is treating you well. I have been enjoying skiing at Killington and Pico Mountains and love being back in the pool, swimming at Pico Sports Center.  As I've said many times to many people, swimming is a low-impact cardio exercise and is great for your heart. I am enjoying teaching classes in Yoga, Reiki, and Yomassage.

If you want/need to schedule an appointment, I am happy to find a time for you. My schedule will make seasonal changes. Reading this Monthly Memo and Current Offerings pages will provide updates. Below I have listed weekly, monthly, and quarterly offerings. Please note this page is updated weekly.

Winter Wellness:

Scheduling appointments Tuesday ~ Saturday. or (802)345-5244. 

Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. Please check out my latest Wellness Wednesday recording. 




  1. Thursday Yoga, 12:30-1:30 PM

  2. Saturday Yoga, 10:30-11:30 AM

Registration required for group classes, space is limited to 10 guests per class. $15.00 per class.

In the event of snow storms; classes may be offered on Zoom.

Yoga classes featuring different themes to bring you into the Vermont seasons of change with comfort and joy; combining the best of Kripalu, Subtle, Mindfulness, Restorative, and Astrology; including monthly topics/lessons/reflections in the Chakras, Yamas and Niyamas. 

February: monthly class topic is the Heart Chakra. Yama is Satya, Truthfulness 


Winter Wellness Events


Yomassage, Friday 3/1 at 12:15-1:30 PM, National Nutrition Month

Restorative Yoga, Friday 3/15 at 5:30-6:30 PM, Ides of March



 Video Library has complimentary Yoga Classes for you to enjoy. 

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning to unite, come together, or yolk. It’s a union of body, mind, and soul with universal consciousness. The physical postures of Hatha Yoga prepare the body for sitting by making the body more supple and by stimulating the systems to expel toxins caused by our modern diet and lifestyle. It also plays an important role in preparing our bodies for the following limbs. There are eight limbs of yoga. They are — ‘Yama’ (abstinence), ‘asana’ (yoga postures), ‘Dharana’ (concentration), ‘pranayama’ (breath control), ‘pratyahara’ (withdrawal of the senses), ‘niyama’ (observances), ‘dhyana’ (meditation), and ‘samadhi’ (absorption).”


 I will share a monthly opportunity for you to learn and reflect with the Yamas and Niyamas with weekly exploration. Using the book 'The Yamas & Niyamas Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice' by Deborah Adele. A weekly recording found in the 'Wellness Wednesday' page. 

Yamas ~

The Yamas address the fact that we are social creatures, alive on a planet of other life forms where we need to learn to live together and share the goods. The Yamas, or restraints, invite us into an adult relationship with the world, where we see past our own needs into the collective good. Guiding us into harmony, peace, and the right relationship with the world.


Satya - Truthfulness, the second jewel, is partnered with nonviolence. The marriage of these two guidelines creates a powerful dance between two seeming opposites. We can appreciate this statement when we begin to practice speaking our truth without causing harm to others. As partners, truthfulness keeps nonviolence from being a wimpy cop-out, while nonviolence keeps truthfulness from being a brutal weapon. When they are dancing perfectly together, they create a specular sight. Their union is nothing short of profound love in its fullest expression. And when there is cause for disharmony or confusion between the two, truthfulness bows to nonviolence. First and foremost, do no harm. 

Week Three: This week pay attention and go slow enough that you "do it right the first time."  Make this week where you don't have to backtrack to apologize or correct mistakes and where you don't run from any hard tasks that present themselves. Face each moment head on with clarity and courage.


~ Weekly: "Wellness Wednesdays", short meditation. Found in the Wellness Wednesday page. 

~ In the Video Library are 2 free meditations:  New Moon and Full Moon these are short meditation recordings to use as self-care guides with reflection and journaling options.

21-Day Restful Reiki Renewal meditation recording (15 mins) ~

~ January 22 ~

~ January 29 ~

Imbolc Meditation ~

Winter Solstice Meditation ~ The winter solstice marks the longest night and the shortest day of the year. This meditation may be enjoyed as a Yoga Nidra; getting completely comfortable, warm and supported in a relaxation pose like Shavasana. May it's wisdom ripple through your life. Let stillness and darkness be your teachers as the old year ends and the new year begins. 12/21/23

The New Moon phase is when you make time for yourself. Awaken and align your energy with this practice and plant the seeds of your future dreams, make wishes and commitments to yourself, and to set your intentions. The New Moon is in a different zodiac sign each month, exploring meditation, and an opportunity for journaling as a self-care tool. Suggestive supplies: journal paper and pen, water.  See Monthly Memo for information.  Free recording, found in Video Library and view here:


February 9 ~ Super New Moon in Aquarius ~ More and more astrologers today are using Chiron when doing horoscopes. It is known as the planetoid of healing by most astrologers, and as 'the wound that will not heal' by others. In referring to Chiron, many have paraphrased Rumi by calling it 'the crack where the light gets in'. It encompasses everything that touches us very deeply, including what is necessary to heal it.

Under this Super New Moon (a time when the Moon is both new and closest to the Earth this month), Chiron will be approaching the Moon's north node. This is a very big deal in that it has not happened since 2008. This sits extremely well with the Super New Moon in Aquarius, a sign that is a bit unusual in a great way. This planet is all about individuality, eccentricity, surprising others, and not caring too much about what anyone else thinks. If you combine this with the Chiron/north node energy, this Super New Moon is a time to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and in doing so, heal yourself.

The amazing thing is, that when you are fully willing to do you, you can heal others in the process. As Marianne Williamson writes in her book A Return To Love, ' we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.' As you come to make your Super New Moon wishes this month, think about what is the most ~ you thing you can wish for.  What parts of your true self do you wish you could embody and bring to life even more?

The Full Moon is the high point of the lunar cycle. It is a very powerful time for inner work. The Full Moon takes place in a different sign of the zodiac each month. In this session, you will experience two healing meditations: the Full Moon Forgiveness and Gratitude practices. Suggestive supplies: journal paper and pen, water. Free recording, found in Video Library. View recording:


February 24 ~ Full Moon in Virgo ~ This is a very interesting Full Moon. For a start, it is taking place in the sign of Virgo, which is the most helpful sign of the zodiac. It is the sign that likes to tick all the boxes, dot all the i's, and cross all the t's. In the zodiac, Virgo sits opposite dreamy and lofty Pisces. So, right now, the Sun's in Pisces, opposite the sign of Virgo. On top of that, during a Full Moon, there's always already a push-me-pull-you kind of feeling because the Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac. So, if you are feeling a little conflicted, now you know why. This is because, during the Full Moon, we can most easily release our anxieties and other upsets into the ethers. And once we release dramas and conflicts from the past, we increase our ability to manifest. In effect, we are ditching the emotional baggage that tends to weigh us down.

This Full Moon is a particularly good time to learn anything, including how to master manifestation. It is taking place just near Saturn, the headmaster of the zodiac. Even though Saturn's bringing slightly heavy energy to this Full Moon, note that the planetary alignments that follow shortly after the Full Moon are upbeat to the point of being a little too much. Keep smiling!

"Under the glorious Full Moon,

I forgive everything, everyone,  every experience,

every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness.

I forgive positively everyone.

I also forgive myself of past mistakes.

The Universe is Love and I am forgiven and governed by Love alone.

Love is now adjusting my life.

Realizing this, I abide in Peace."


The serpent rises,
uncurling from her winter nest: fire in her belly.
Imbolc, the name of the season and the festival initiating us into spring, means fire the in the belly.  As we move through this threshold into the stirrings of spring, may this fire rise and inspire the spiraling journey into what's next.
Inspired by Sacred Warrioress Brighid of Kildare

Warmest Wellness Wishes,


Book: The Yamas & Niyamas, by Deborah Adele

Book:  One Word That Will Change Your Life, by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, Jimmy Page

Book: Breath ~ The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor


Open: Tuesday through Saturday

Closed: Sunday and Monday

Scheduling by appointment only 


Petra O’Neill, Petra‘s Wellness Studio's sole practitioner has provided holistic integrated therapeutic wellness in Vermont since 1996.

 Thank you for your patronage and honoring me with the vote in two categories; Best of the Best for 2023. 1. Best Massage Therapy and 2. Best Facial/Skin Care.

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